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Consort Tezcatlipoca
Sibling(s) Tlaloc

In Aztec mythology, Huixtocihuatl (or Uixtochihuatl, Uixtociuatl) was a fertility goddess who presided over salt and salt water. Her younger brother was Tlaloc, and the rain gods, the Tlaloques were her sisters, or, in some sources, the children of Tlaloc. One interpretation of the myths surrounding Huixtochiuatl says she gained control over sea water when she was having a fight with the Tlaloques and they threw all their salt water at her  in an attempt to drown her.Some sources place her as a wife of Tezcatlipoca .In June, there was a ten day festival in her honor. During the festival, one woman was considered to be the embodiment of Huixtochiuatl. That woman would be sacrificed by the end of the festival. Salt makers would honor her with dances.